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    Join the cutting-edge research project ELEVATION as a PhD candidate at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). This exciting opportunity entails developing AI models for multi-camera data analysis and synthetic video generation, with potential industrial applications in the broadcast domain. Dive into the realm of free viewpoint video generation and revolutionize the viewing experience for audiences worldwide.

    The selected PhD candidate will contribute to the ELEVATION project, collaborating with industrial partners from the Netherlands and Belgium. The primary objective is to automate free viewpoint generation of synthetic video streams from multi-camera setups in the broadcast domain. Key responsibilities include researching and developing AI models for multi-camera data analysis and synthetic video generation. The candidate will tackle challenges such as real-time video frame generation, efficient algorithm-cloud mapping, and ensuring the accuracy and photorealism of synthetic video streams.


    Ideal candidates should possess an MSc degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering. A strong background in image processing, experience with 3D (or multi-view) geometry, and excellent programming skills are essential. Familiarity with depth data, point-cloud data processing, NeRF models, and Deep Learning algorithms is highly desired. Candidates should demonstrate proficiency in academic writing, effective communication skills, and the ability to collaborate in a multidisciplinary team.

    How to Apply: 

    Interested candidates are invited to submit a complete application by using the apply button on the official website. The application should include a cover letter outlining motivation and qualifications, a curriculum vitae (CV) with a list of publications, and contact information for three references.

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