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Fully Funded Graduate Programs in Education

  • By: Scholarships Cafe

University of Michigan, United States 

Funding for students admitted into the Marsal Family School of Education,University of Michigan's doctoral programs includes tuition, health and dental benefits for students and their families, and a stipend for living expenses. Each of the programs also provides additional support for conference travel, research projects, and writing. Funding for each program is described in greater detail below. All funding packages are contingent upon maintaining good academic standing.


Queen’s University, Canada

Students receive funding packages based on their academic merit, which may include a mix of the following: scholarships, fellowships, external awards brought by the student, internal awards, research assistantships, teaching assistantships, or graduate teaching fellowships.


University of British Columbia, Canada

Graduate students have various funding options available, including scholarships and awards, student loans, and degree-related student employment. Typically, scholarships and awards are offered to full-time students. To determine eligibility for any of the listed awards, graduate students are encouraged to discuss with their supervisor or graduate advisor.


Baylor University, United States 

Faculty in the School of Education are operating several grant-funded initiatives to improve human flourishing through research and projects in education



University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States

Graduate assistantship positions offer invaluable opportunities for higher education students across various departments at the UMass campus. These positions typically entail 10 to 30 hours of work per week and come with a full tuition credit, comprehensive benefits such as healthcare coverage, an approximate hourly wage of $30, and the added advantage of being part of a unionized workforce. While some students opt to commit to a single assistantship for the duration of their graduate studies, others may pursue multiple positions to broaden their experiences and skillsets.