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Fully Funded Ph.D. in Management

  • By: Scholarships Cafe

University of Chicago, United States

All Ph.D. students are granted full tuition support for a duration of five to six years of full-time study, contingent upon maintaining satisfactory progress in the program.



 Rice University, United States

Each year of full-time study in the doctoral program comes with full tuition support. Additionally, students are provided with a stipend of $40,000 annually. This stipend is earned partially through employment as a research or teaching assistant under the guidance of an assigned faculty member. To remain eligible for the stipend, students must uphold their full-time student status and continue to make satisfactory progress toward their degree.



University of Michigan, United States

Michigan Ross provides full funding to doctoral students, which includes five years of full tuition, health insurance, and a generous stipend package that combines both fellowship funding and a graduate assistantship. An additional application for financial aid is not required.



Bentley University, United States

During the admissions process, all applicants are thoroughly reviewed for eligibility for a doctoral fellowship. Each fellowship package includes a stipend intended to cover living expenses, a full scholarship covering tuition, and comprehensive health insurance for individual students. Stipends currently range from $40,000 to $45,000 annually, depending on the specific fellowship awarded. Presently, the program offers two distinct fellowships: the standard Bentley PhD Fellowship and the Rauch Doctoral Fellowship.



 Cornell University, United States

They offer full tuition coverage, health insurance, and a competitive stipend for a duration of 5 years. Some of their students have families who rely on this stipend for living expenses. However, if you have a family, you are responsible for covering their insurance expenses yourself. They exclusively extend fully-funded offers and provide these details in their offer of admission.



University of British Columbia, Canada

UBC offers a financial package that covers tuition expenses along with an annual stipend of $30,000 for the first five years of the PhD Program.



Ohio State University, United States

All admitted students into any of the Fisher Ph.D. programs are fully funded, including a stipend and tuition costs. Funding is available for four to six years, at the discretion of each academic department.



University of Buffalo, United States

Full-time, funded PhD students on 12-month academic TA/RA/GA appointments receive stipends of $30,000 per year. They also benefit from a tuition scholarship covering 9 credits at the prevailing graduate tuition rate for both the fall and spring semesters. Additionally, they receive comprehensive coverage for university fees. If eligible, they may also enroll in the Student Employee Health Insurance plan.



INSEAD, France

All admitted students, regardless of background and nationality, receive funding for the first five years (until the end of June of the fifth year of PhD studies) from INSEAD. The grant encompasses a tuition fee waiver, a stipend for living expenses and accommodation, support for research and conference budgets, and health insurance coverage.



Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada

Each full-time PhD candidate in Management is eligible for a funding package of up to $30,000 annually for four years. This comprehensive package includes research grants, scholarships, and graduate assistantships.



HEC, Montreal, Canada

Tuition is waived and competitive funding is provided for the first four years 



Western University, Canada 

All students enrolled in the PhD program will receive a comprehensive five-year funding package totaling $164,000. This package guarantees a minimum of $33,000 per year for the first four years of study.



Concordia University, Canada

The funding package offers Canadian students a total value exceeding $115,000 and international students a total value surpassing $150,000.



University of Calgary, Canada 

Incoming PhD students are offered over $120,000 in funding over four years, with additional partial funding provided in the fifth year. Additionally, support is provided for each student's participation and attendance at academic conferences (subject to approval), fostering opportunities for presenting research and building professional networks.