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    Örebro University and the School of Science and Technology are looking for a doctoral student for the doctoral programme in Biology, concluding with a licentiate degree.

    This doctoral project aims to elucidate molecular mechanisms underlying plant perception and integration of multiple light signals. Light is a key environmental factor that provides energy for photosynthesis and cues that control plant growth and development. The research will employ a combination of genetics, molecular and genomic approaches together with physiological measurements to assess mechanisms mediating plant responses to UV radiation and visible light. The model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and commercial crops including tomato will be used in the experiments. Specific project tasks include: i) design and perform factorial experiments to assess plant responses to UV and visible light at multiple levels (gene, protein and metabolite), ii) assess how UV in combination with other light qualities modulate the plant transcriptome iii) identify new molecular players involved in plant responses to UV and visible light.

    The successful candidate has demonstrated knowledge in plant physiology and molecular biology. Knowledge in plant photobiology is advantage as well as proficiency in general molecular and protein biochemistry techniques. The candidate must be highly motivated, independent and have excellent written and oral communication skills in English.



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