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    The Monaghan Lab at Trinity College Dublin is seeking PHD students for the Science Foundation Ireland Frontiers Grant 'BrillFLIM' which will employ novel imaging modalities in the assessment of immune cell behaviour in response to biomaterial implants. Specifically these modalities are Brillouin microscopy, and fluorescent lifetime imaging microscope. The researchers will work closely with other members of a multidisciplinary project team including PIs and postgraduate researchers within this research cluster. This is an innovative cutting-edge project which will yield transformative developments in the field of Biomedical Engineering. The Monaghan research group is known for their prowess in biomaterials, stem cell biology and microscopy research in Ireland and internationally. Funding is offered for 48 months. The PhD students will join on a full-time basis on a project that will involve aspects of non-invasive label-free imaging of cellular viscoelasticity and metabolism in response to engineered biomaterial substrates.


    Applicants should ideally hold a primary degree in biomedical engineering, materials science, biomaterials, biomedical science, biophysics (in particular photonics/imaging). Preference will be given to candidates who have experience in biomaterials or in cell culture techniques. S

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