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    Dr. Rutkoski is currently seeking Masters or PhD students to work on research that will improve the profitability of wheat production in the Midwest. When included as part of the crop rotation, wheat provides multiple benefits including improved soil health, better pest management, and reduced nutrient lossess. In Illinois, wheat is predominantly grown in a double-crop system with soybeans. A major goal of Dr. Rutkoski’s research is to develop wheat varieties that enhance profitability of the wheat-soybean double-crop system in the Midwest in order to improve the economic well-being of growers while enhancing the long-term sustainability of agriculture. In line with this long term goal, the graduate students that will be hired will develop independent research in the area of plant breeding and quantitative genetics. They will specifically focus on one of two topics: 1) improved phenotyping and selection methods for traits in wheat that are critical for profitability of the wheat-soybean double-crop system, or 2) predictive breeding methodologies that can use advancements in genomic prediction and high-throughput phenotyping to accelerate improvement in grain yield in wheat.


    Students must have a strong interest in conducting scientific research- including tasks such as reading scientific publications, designing experiments, collecting data, analyzing data, and writing manuscripts for publication. In addition to scientific research, students must have a strong interest in applied plant breeding and working as a team.

    Preference will be given to applicants with work or internship experience in a field research program or applied breeding program. Prior experience with data analysis and/or statistical programming would be a plus. For applicants seeking a PhD, successful completion of a Masters is highly preferred.


    Graduate students will be hired on a 50% Research Assistantship and the cost of tuition will be covered. Health insurance, and a stipend will be provided. The stipend for Masters students is currently $2,453.33 per month. The stipend for PhD students is currently $2,649.60 per month.

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    • Agricultural Science

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    • Bachelor

    • Master

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