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    We are looking for an innovative researcher with a passion for science and a natural curiosity for exploring the intersection of experimental and numerical work in mechanical materials science. We are looking for someone whose childhood fascination for taking apart and tinkering with various gadgets has developed into a talent for creating mechanical tools, electronic gadgets and program code. If you have a knack for turning a 'destructive attitude' into constructive ingenuity, and if you have chosen a career as an engineer driven by a deep interest in understanding how things work, you might be the bright mind we are looking for. Join us in pushing the boundaries of materials science and engineering innovation.


    • You have a master's degree (or equivalent) in mechanical engineering or civil engineering. Materials science, with a strong focus on the mechanical behaviour of materials, must have been an important part of your curriculum.
    • You have a keen interest in materials, including how their properties can be identified and modelled.
    • You are familiar with materials testing and you do not fear experimental work, including the use of advanced measuring equipment such as high-speed cameras and microscopes.
    • You are familiar with mathematical packages such as Matlab, Python programming, and preferably also a finite element package.
    • You have an independent, problem-solving, organised and result-oriented attitude.
    • You have been a hard-working and dedicated student, proven by your study results.
    • You have the necessary social skills, flexibility and critical thinking ability to function in a multidisciplinary and international academic environment.
    • Good knowledge of English (reading, writing and speaking) is required.



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    • Civil Engineering

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    • Master

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