• Description:

    The master’s student will participate in a collaborative USDA-funded project investigating the effect of willow age and initial soil carbon storage on microbial community composition, soil health, and carbon flux in willow crop systems to determine the carbon balance of willow biomass production. This position will focus on microbial community analyses and relate community composition to soil and site variables. The master’s student will have the unique opportunity to collaborate across universities and laboratory spaces (ESF and Syracuse University), as well as contribute to multiple aspects of the collaborative project.

    This position is for a Master of Science candidate in the Natural Resources Management Program at ESF. Funding will consist of a combination of research and teaching assistantships. A stipend, full tuition waiver, health insurance, and a summer position will be provided. University fellowships and scholarships are also available to support students. Advising will be provided by Dr. Cole Gross, as well as Dr. Christopher Fernandez (co-advisor) at neighboring Syracuse University, Dr. Timothy Volk, and others from ESF’s renown faculty.


     Motivated students with related interests, lab experience, data analysis skills, effective communication abilities, and an undergraduate degree in biology, ecology, natural resources management, environmental science, or a related field are encouraged to apply.

  • Fields

    • Biology

    • Ecology

    • Environmental Science

  • Qualifications

    • Bachelor

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