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    As a PhD candidate, you will identify and characterise the major gas-phase contaminants in these two applications, their origins and concentrations. You will do so with the help of leading national and international institutes and companies in the corresponding field. This involves developing new set-ups to mimic the application conditions in the lab and performing measurements in the field at the commercial partners. The goal is to portray a full picture of the major contaminants and finally design efficient and cost-effective new instruments using broadband laser-based spectroscopy for the identified targets.


    • You should have a Master's degree in physics (photonics), electrical engineering, or a related discipline (a good knowledge of optics and photonics is required), and an interest in developing laser-based spectroscopic instruments and analysing data.
    •  You are a highly motivated, enthusiastic, critical, communicative, creative and team-oriented young scientist with a particular interest in working with and developing laser-based spectroscopy systems for trace gas detection.
    • You take initiative and are eager to learn.
    • Prior experience with developing laser-based spectroscopy instruments or other optics/photonics systems, as well as programming (in LabView, Matlab and/or Python) is essential.
    •  You are fluent in English (written and spoken) a


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    • Physics

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    • Master

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