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Fully Funded Ph.D. in Mathematics

  • By: Scholarships Cafe

Numerous esteemed institutions globally offer fully funded Ph.D. programs in Mathematics, providing comprehensive financial assistance to dedicated students. Below is a detailed overview of select universities and their financial support programs:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

Financial support is guaranteed for five years to students making satisfactory progress. Students receive full tuition, a stipend, and individual health coverage. Support is in the form of fellowships, teaching assistantships and research assistantships


Western University, Canada

Financial support through teaching assistantships, graduate fellowships, and scholarships is available to graduate students and all applicants are automatically considered for financial support.


University of Michigan, United States 

The math department at the University of Michigan generally guarantees funding for PhD students for the first five academic years (assuming, of course, that the student is making satisfactory progress towards their degree and doing satisfactory work in their assigned jobs). 


Harvard University, United States

Applicants are urged to apply for all funding available to them. If no outside funding is available to the applicant, financial aid in the form of scholarships, research assistantships, and teaching fellowships is available. 


Standford University, United States 

Students in the PhD program who make satisfactory progress are fully funded for five years. Funding sources include department fellowships, teaching assistantships and research assistantships.


University of California, Berkeley, United States 

The Department pledges incoming PhD students sufficient financial support so that they have funding for at least 5 years of graduate study at Berkeley, subject to the student making good progress toward the degree and satisfactory performance of all teaching duties.


University of Minnesota, United States 

The PhD program in the School of Mathematics is fully funded. Most of our students are funded through Graduate assistantships, typically in the form of a teaching assistantship. Funding offers are renewable for up to six years.


University of Toronto, Canada

Students admitted to the full-time doctoral program will be guaranteed financial support. The base funding is made up of a mix of fellowships (including external awards such as NSERC, OGS), teaching assistantships, and other sources of funding, at the discretion of the department; and is subject to satisfactory academic progress, the maintenance of good standing, and in the case of teaching assistantships, satisfactory performance in that role, as judged by the department.


Texas & AM University, United States

Stipends for Ph.D. students in good standing in the department are $2,350.00 per month for 9 months. Currently we are unable to offer support to MS students. 


University of Waterloo, Canada

The University of Waterloo and the Faculty of Mathematics offer a variety of opportunities to support you in funding your education.


Princeton University, United States 

First-year students receive the University First-Year Fellowship in Natural Sciences & Engineering, plus full tuition and student health plan coverage. A select few are awarded special fellowships, which provide a supplement or prize to their base amount. All first-years are exempt from grading and teaching.

Second-, third- and fourth-year (and fifth-year) students are expected to grade or teach each semester and are paid as half Assistants in Instruction (AI) and half Assistants in Research (AR). 


University of Alberta, Canada

The Department is committed to providing graduate students in a thesis-based program with adequate funding by a mixture of teaching and research assistantships, as well as scholarships and awards.


Columbia University, United States

Each student admitted to the PhD program is appointed a fellow in the Department of Mathematics for a period of five years, contingent on good progress. A fellow receives a stipend for the nine-month academic year and is exempt from payment of tuition.


Simon Fraser University, Canada

All graduate students in the Department of Mathematics receive financial support either from scholarships, teaching appointments, or professors' research grants.


University of Bristol, United Kingdom

All submitted PhD applications are automatically considered for school based funding during the admissions process. 


University of British Columbia, Canada

All full-time students who begin a UBC-Vancouver PhD Mathematics program in September 2018 or later will be provided with a funding package of at least $24,256 for each of the first four years of their PhD. The funding package may consist of any combination of internal or external awards, teaching-related work, research assistantships, and graduate academic assistantships.


Universit of Buffalo, United States

Academic year stipends of $23,000 for all full-time, funded PhD students on 10-month academic teaching assistant, research assistant or graduate assistant appointments.