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Royal Bank of Canada Scholarships for Indigenous and Black Youths.

  • By: Scholarships Cafe

The Future Launch Black Youth Scholarships, part of RBC's Action Plan Against Systemic Racism, aims to address the disparity between the desire of 94 percent of young Black students to pursue postsecondary education and the 60 percent who believe it is possible for them. With a $50 million investment, the program will provide opportunities for up to 25,000 BIPOC youth by 2025, focusing on areas like skills development and mentoring. The scholarships are available to Black youth aged 15 to 29, with nominations from community partners and evaluation by a committee of Black leaders. Alongside financial support, the program offers personalized resources, including mentorship, academic and career planning, tutoring, internships, and networking. The initiative seeks to empower and support young Black scholars on their educational journeys, acknowledging their unique experiences and fostering a more equitable future.

1. RBC Future Launch Scholarship for Indigenous Youth

Value:  20 scholarships annually valued up to $10,000 each per year (up to 4 years) 

Eligibility:  First Nations, Inuit, and Métis students across Canada demonstrating strong academic performance and community involvement.

2. RBC Future Launch Scholarship for Black Youth

Value:  20 scholarships annually valued up to $10,000 each per year (up to 4 years)

Eligibility: Black Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or refugee.

3. The RBC Future Launch Scholarship

Value: $1,500

Eligibility: Anyone from 15 to 29 who wants to learn something new