• Description:


    The Python programming basic course is a pre-learning course for the HCIA-AI certification course. This course focuses on the history, features, and application fields of the Python language. The trainees can learn the basic syntax and advanced usage of Python and learn the modules frequently used in Python programming, such as pandas, scipy, and Scikit-learn.

    Course Objectives

    Upon completion of this course, trainees should be able to independently compile Python programs and solve related problems, such as processing table data and data visualization. In addition, the common python modules can be used proficiently.

    Target Trainee(s)

    Anyone who wants to learn AI.

  • Fields

    • Computer Engineering

  • Qualifications

    • Assistant / Associate Professor

    • Bachelor

    • Faculty

    • High School

    • Lecturer / Senior Lecturer

    • Management / Leadership

    • Master

    • PhD

    • Postdoc

    • Research Assistance

    • Research Associate

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