• Description:

    We are looking for a motivated PhD candidate interested in conducting research on Software Engineering for Scientific Communities. The successful candidate will explore how events, such as hackathons, can be utilized to support scientific communities in advancing their code bases, attracting and integrating new members, and sharing knowledge.

    As part of the position, you will conduct research to understand the impact of software-centric community events on scientific communities and subsequently design, implement, and evaluate interventions to support codebase advancement, community engagement, member integration, and knowledge sharing. You will collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, including scientists, software engineers, event organizers, and community managers. You will also contribute to the facilitation of hackathons and other events.


    • A master’s degree (or an equivalent university degree) in Computer Science or another discipline that is of relevance to the position (e.g., Psychology or Sociology)
    • Have knowledge about contemporary Software Engineering (e.g., through attending respective courses, having experience from industry, or other related avenues)
    • Be interested in and excited about research.
    • Motivated to work in and contribute to an international and interdisciplinary team.
    • Motivated to develop your teaching skills and coach students.
    • Fluent in spoken and written English



  • Fields

    • Computer Engineering

    • Computer Science

    • Psychology

    • Sociology

  • Qualifications

    • Master

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