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    The Atmospheric Science group at the Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Basel, Switzerland, is looking for two PhD student candidates. Our research focuses on chemical processes in the atmosphere to elucidate the formation and toxicity of atmospheric aerosol particles. The development of new analytical-chemical methods and instruments to characterize organic aerosols is a main focus of our work.

    Atmospheric aerosol particles are the most important health-relevant air pollution components. Clear correlations between exposure to increased levels of aerosols and severe health effects have been observed. However, particle components and properties causing these health effects are not well understood but oxidising particle components are likely to play an important role, inducing oxidative stress in the lung and ultimately inflammation and disease.


    • An academic qualification (good master degree) in chemistry, environmental sciences, physics or a related field is mandatory.
    •  Experience in analytical chemistry and/or atmospheric sciences is highly favourable.
    • A very good level of English (spoken and written).
    • Excellent communication skills and a willingness to collaborate with other team members are essential.
    • Strong self-motivation, perseverance, and a creative way of problem solving.
    • Ability to work independently



  • Fields

    • Chemistry

    • Environmental Science

    • Physics

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    • Master

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