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    Public transport is leading the transformation of the transport sector in Sweden through an early transition to renewable fuels. The current focus is on electrifying the bus fleet, and the sector's target is for 40% of all journeys to be public transport by 2030. However, the pandemic has brought challenges in the form of increased costs and reduced public travel. The project systematically analyzes resilience by exploring both technical (robustness and adaptability) and socio-ecological resilience (flexibility and agility). Trends such as electrification, digitalization and automation, together with post-pandemic market disruptions, call for new approaches and knowledge creation. Our research highlights synergies between resilient energy and public transport systems and engages stakeholders to assess risks and opportunities.

    We are now looking for a PhD student who, in collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), wants to explore the role and character of a socio-ecologically resilient public transport system in a longer-term perspective. We focus on the effects of transformative trends (pandemic, working from home, etc.), and how the mobility needs of all users are met in a way that is efficient, equitable and resilient to disruption. Sub-studies may include mapping of development trends, simulations of future systems, and resilience solutions supported by simulated case studies.


    • CV including your relevant professional experience and knowledge.
    • Application letter with a brief description of why you want to pursue research studies, about what your academic interests are and how they relate to your previous studies and future goals. (Maximum 2 pages long)
    • Copies of diplomas and grades from previous university studies and certificates of fulfilled language requirements (see above). Translations into English or Swedish if the original document is not issued in one of these languages.Copies of originals must be certified.
    • Representative publications or technical reports. For longer documents, please provide a summary (abstract) and a web link to the full text.



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