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    This PhD position is offered within the EU-funded research project “Disentangling and Preventing Economic Violence against Women (ECOVI)”. Violence against women is a violation of fundamental human rights and substantially compromises women’s health, wellbeing, and empowerment. Globally, more than one in four women experience physical and/or sexual violence by a partner in their lives. However, existing research has so far neglected an important dimension of intimate partner violence (IPV): economic abuse. This form of abuse includes denying women the right to participate in financial decisions, taking away their income or preventing them from seeking employment. The consequences are profound – economic IPV compromises women’s economic welfare and independence, traps them in abusive relationships, and adversely affects their mental health. To tackle this major global health concern, ECOVI has three objectives: first, to establish the prevalence of different forms of economic IPV; second, to develop a theory of economic abuse by investigating drivers of economic IPV and linkages with other forms of IPV; and third, to design and test a community-based prevention approach. ECOVI will capitalise on a mixed-methods approach, including (i) systematic reviews and meta-analyses, (ii) conducting qualitative in-depth interviews and focus groups, and (iii) implementing a cluster randomised controlled trial and innovative survey experiments with husbands and wives in 150 communities across three states in Ind


    • Master's degree (M.A. or M.Sc.) in health sciences, development economics, sociology, psychology, or related fields
    • Substantive interest in violence-related research
    • Strong quantitative methods and statistics skills and proficiency with Stata or R
    • Strong spoken and written English; fluency in Hindi desirable (basic knowledge of Telugu/Marathi an added advantage)
    • Experience with primary data collection, survey design, experimental research methods desirable
    • Prior work with grassroots organisation/NGOs/development research organisations beneficial
    • Strong intercultural skills to be able to work in internationally composed teams and openness to travel and work in urban and rural areas of India
    • Strong interest in translating research findings into policy recommendations and liaising with policymakers in India and beyond


    Please send your application, including the following, in a single email to janina.steinert@tum.de, including the following document:

    1. Completed application form 
    2. Current curriculum vitae (CV)
    3. Transcripts of all your university-level coursework
    4. Writing sample that illustrates your analytical and writing skills (in English or German)
    5. Contact information for two references



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    • Health Science

    • Psychology

    • Sociology

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