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    Position for a computational biology master project (Bioinformatics, immunology, rheumatology), Medical University of Vienna, AustriaWe are offering a master position to study transcriptional regulation in a mouse model of arthritis. The project will be performed under the co-supervision of Anela Tosevska and Michael Bonelli at the Division of Rheumatology of the Medical University of Vienna, within the FWF SFB-F70 program “HDACs as regulators of T cell-mediated immunity in health and disease”.

    The successful candidate will study the importance of epigenetic modifications for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and will implement integrative analysis to uncover transcriptional perturbation in the immune cells which contribute to arthritis. He/She/They will use bulk and single cell transcriptomics and epigenetics to map the development of pathogenic cells from murine and human tissue. The selected candidate will be an integral member of a dynamic and ambitious group of biologists bioinformaticians and biostatisticians and will contribute to cutting-edge basic and translational biomedical research. As an active member of the SFB program “HDACs as re


    Training in bioinformatics, biotechnology, computer science, statistics, or another related discipline OR training in biology/medicine with working experience in bioinformatics/computational biology.



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