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    Additive manufacturing (AM) techniques involving both directed energy deposition (DED) and powder-bed fusion (PBF) are attracting increasing attention for fabrication of complex structures not possible via traditional machining, and with minimal material wastage. Considerable research effort has been devoted worldwide towards investigation of the above AM routes for building of metallic parts. At University West, a strong research environment in AM has been established with the aid of numerous funded projects implemented in close co-operation with industry. Aligned with the global sustainability goals, recycling and reuse of material becomes more relevant. Therefore, University West has the goal to increase material use and process efficiency in manufacturing.

    The PhD project will focus on the development of monitoring possibilities of additive processes to enable sustainable processing. Within the material cycle, new materials for AM as well as waste material as powder and wire will be analyzed and qualified for potential re-use at different process chain stages. This will demand exploration of monitoring possibilities and systematic experimental studies to evaluate process cha


    • A degree at master’s level in mechanical engineering/ production engineering or equivalent
    • Documented knowledge of materials processing (welding, cladding Additive Manufacturing) or layer-by-layer deposition (such as wire-arc AM, thermal spray)
    • Documented knowledge of process monitoring
    • Documented experience in robot/CNC control
    • Documented ability in oral and written English communication



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    • Engineering

    • Mechanical Engineering

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    • Master

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