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    Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) plays a crucial role in ensuring the health, comfort, and productivity of people in buildings. School designs have changed in the UK following building regulations intending to promote energy efficiency, such as Part L. However, the impacts of Part L on IEQ remain underexplored, thus little is understood about how changing building designs affect student (learning) experiences. Classrooms typically exceed CO2 concentration levels recommended by the World Health Organisation. Climate change projections suggest that future summer overheating in schools may affect students’ educational attainment.

    This doctoral research will investigate the IEQ of schools built after 2010 to provide insights into how building regulations and design teams can promote good indoor conditions in classrooms designed to be energy efficient. The objectives are:

    1.  To investigate occupants’ perception and satisfaction with the indoor environment, in particular young people’s views
    2. To measure and evaluate indoor environmental parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, CO2, VOCs, and particulate matter.
    3. To identify differences between design intentions, measured building performance, and occupants' experiences.
    4. To identify designers’ perspectives about how ‘sustainable buildings’ shape users’ perspectives and understanding of sustainable ‘living’ and working in built environments.

    The research will collaborate with people involved in schools’ design and use; including architects, teachers and pupils. A key aim of this work is to coproduce research with participants, in particular young people, using creative methods: drawing, storytelling, collage-making, mapping, role-playing and citizen science methods.


    An undergraduate degree in architecture, building science, engineering, built-environment or related disciplines at 2:i or equivalent. 

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