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    The Marklund lab addresses fundamental research questions in Enteric Nervous System (ENS) biology with a focus on neural cell diversity. The team has identified molecularly distinct neuronal and glial cell types as well as a new conceptual model for how neuron types emerge during ENS development (Morarach et al., 2021). These discoveries form the basis for an ERC-funded project which seeks to uncover molecular programs controlling cell fate decisions during embryonic and adult enteric neurogenesis and applying these insights to engineer specific neuron types within the adult gut wall. A wide range of transcriptomic, epigenetic, transgenic and imaging methodologies are utilized to meet these aims. By resolving mechanisms of ENS development, the lab hopes to pave the way for a better understanding, characterization and treatment of prevalent gut disorders. 

    We are seeking a creative, enthustiastic and communicative student with a solid academic education in molecular biology, bioinformatics, neuroscience and/or developmental biology. The project will involve collaboration with other labmembers as well as external collaborators why the student must posess interpersonal skills and a good ability to work in teams. Skills/experience in one or more of the following areas are required: transgenic animal models, histochemistry & advanced imaging methods, cell differentiation analysis, gene manipulation technologies, RNA/chromatin omics and/or bioinformatics.

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