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    Programme description:

    The ICN2 offers a competitive PhD Programme to talented students who wish to develop a research career at one of the top European institutions in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Selected students will have the opportunity to develop their PhD thesis on a topic at the cutting edge of nano research in a stimulating environment with access to outstanding research infrastructure.

    Selected candidates will benefit from the ICN2 PhD Programme, which comprises a structured training path with scientific seminars, and technical and transferable skills training throughout the duration of their PhD, plus periodical monitoring and evaluation activities. The objective is to provide students with all the support they need for the proper development of their research career.

    The ICN2 actively promotes international and interdisciplinary research. As such, our PhD students are strongly encouraged to undertake mobility actions, like research visits abroad (including industrial placements), collaborations with national and international partners, and conference and workshop attendance. The overall goal is to maximise the student's career prospects after completing their PhD, improving their chances of continuing their research at prominent institutions worldwide in academia and/or industry.

    Research areas and groups:

    Selected candidates will carry out their research in cross-disciplinary research areas and/or application areas such as the ones listed below:

    Nanomaterials &Nanofabrication
    Modelling and simulation
    Information, communication and quantum technologies

    Candidates can review the research lines here: http://icn2.cat/en/research

    During the application process, candidates will be asked to select the ICN2 research group(s) they would like to join. Please visit the profiles of our groups at http://icn2.cat/en/research


    Candidates must fulfil the following requirements:

    Have obtained a Master's or equivalent degree in a field of science, related to ICN2 research activities or group they would like to join, by the date of incorporation.
    Have an excellent academic record and strong commitment to scientific research. Previous research experience is highly regarded.
    High level of English.
    Specific additional eligibility requirements may apply depending on the funding schemes available.
    For any further clarification as to these requirements, applicants should contact hr@icn2.cat prior to applying.

    Research career profile (based on the European Framework for Research Careers):

    First Stage Researcher (R1)

    Summary of conditions:

    The candidates pre-selected for this programme will need to apply for competitive fellowships in order to secure the funding required to formalise their contract. The ICN2 will provide full support to these candidates for the preparation of their fellowship applications. Candidates who are successful in their applications will be admitted to the ICN2 PhD Programme, and will benefit from:
    Full-time working contract as a PhD researcher. Contracts include medical care under the Spanish public healthcare system and workplace accident insurance.
    Relocation support.
    ICN2 social benefits: life insurance, flexible timetable, flexible compensation package.
    Training and monitoring programme: Students admitted to the ICN2 PhD Programme will have full access to the scientific, technical and transferable skills training and relevant monitoring activities organised each year.
    Candidates can review the admission process on the website: https://icn2.cat/en/careers/phd-programme/who-when-how

    How to apply:

    All applications must be done through the ICN2 careers website and include the following:

    A cover letter.
    A full CV, including contact details.
    2 reference letters.
    Official academic records (if the transcripts are not in English, Catalan or Spanish, applicants must also attach a translation in one of the mentioned languages). Important: Include the final marks on the application form using the equivalence marks link: pagina - Ministerio de Universidades (sede.gob.es)
    Applicants should indicate in the application form 3 ICN2 groups they would like to work in.
    After submitting their application, the applicant will receive confirmation of receipt by email. For additional information in the application procedure, please contact hr@icn2.cat

    Selection process:

    The selection of candidates will be based on their academic qualifications and research excellence.

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