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    The Mann lab is dedicated to uncovering novel mechanisms driving pancreatic cancer (PDAC) progression and relapse. Alternative splicing is a process critical to cancer development and mechanisms deregulating splicing during disease progression is an exciting and emerging new area of study in PDAC biology. We recently showed that downregulation of the RNA binding protein RBFOX2 promotes PDAC metastasis through alternative splicing that enhances cytoskeletal remodeling programs promoting cell migration and invasion (Maurin et al., Nature Communications 2023). We are currently dissecting the mechanisms by which RBFOX2-mediated splicing events enhance the oncogenic function of proteins to promote PDAC progression. We are looking for a post-doctoral fellow excited by inter-disciplinary science to join our team and contribute to our goal of identifying splicing regulators and specific splicing events in PDAC progression and relapse disease that may be explored for diagnostic or therapeutic efficacy to better treat cancer patients


    A competitive salary and benefits package will be offered to the successful candidate. Interested applicants should send a single PDF file that includes a current CV with recent publications, a personal statement of scientific interests and goals (2-page maximum), and contact information for three references to Dr. Karen Mann at Karen.Mann@moffitt.org.

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