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    The Center for Legal Studies Antoine Favre at University Savoie Mont-Blanc in Chambéry, France, is offering a fully funded PhD scholarship in Law for a duration of 3 years. The research theme, “Digital Body: A Legal Approach,” delves into the intersection of human body regulation and its digital avatars, exploring areas such as Human Rights Law, Fundamental Rights, Data Protection Law, and Artificial Intelligence regulation in Europe.

    The PhD position focuses on investigating the connections between the human body and its digital representations, such as avatars. By utilizing Human Rights Law, Fundamental Rights, and EU regulations on Data Law, AI, and Digital Health, the research aims to comprehend the complexities of the “Digital Body” within legal frameworks. Key questions include the impact of AI on the perception and legal status of the human body, challenges associated with using data to create avatars, and the influence of Health Data platforms on legal protections for the human body.


    Applicants must hold a Master’s degree in Law or a related field. Proficiency in either French or English is required.




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