• Description:

    The Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering research group is seeking highly motivated and creative doctoral researchers who would undertake research in Transformation of Urban Mobility Systems. Mobility is interpreted here as socio-techno-ecological phenomenon, broader than concepts such as traffic or transport. The doctoral research topic is not fixed in advance but is rather open to framing based on the applicant’s motivation. Special emphasis is placed on research that will be path-breaking by deviating from the current mainstream transport engineering paradigm. Thus, applicants are strongly encouraged to not submit proposals on conventional topics such as traffic safety, traffic management, or traditional discrete choice modeling. In contrast, the applicants are strongly encouraged to cross at least one disciplinary boundary and base their thinking in concepts from other disciplines than traditional transport engineering. Candidates will be evaluated highly if they show capability for critical problem framing and analysis, hand in hand with the creative and solution-oriented thinking.


    A prospective applicant is expected to fulfil most of the following requirements:

    • Timely completion of a Master’s degree in one of the following (or related) fields: Transport Studies, Urban Planning, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Environmental Sciences, Organizational Studies, Policy Studies, Design Studies, Computer Sciences, Learning Sciences
    • Knowledge of qualitative or quantitative methods used in multidisciplinary studies
    • Good analytical, systems and creative thinking
    • Ability to manage tasks independently and in collaboration with others
    •  Willingness for expansive learning
    •  Very good English proficiency
    •  Preferably, have some work experience outside the university



  • Fields

    • Computer Science

    • Environmental Science

    • Geography

    • Psychology

    • Sociology

    • Transportation Science

  • Qualifications

    • Master

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