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    We are looking for a PhD candidate to work with an international consortium focused on validating the QEnclave concept. The objective is to obfuscate a quantum computation task from a client also from the quantum cloud computer owner by rotating the input states in a trusted hardware environment. This environment will be a special hardware Security Module (HSM) adapted for its purpose. Your responsibilities will involve jointly designing fiber-coupled hardware for deployment within the HSM, conducting device testing, and collaborating with consortium partners to execute the conclusive demonstration.

    Your home base will be within the Adaptive Quantum Optics (AQO) chair in the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Twente. Your supervisor will be Prof. Pepijn Pinkse (AQO).


    • You have an enthusiastic and highly motivated research attitude.
    •  You are motivated to act as the experimental optical expert in an interdisciplinary and international team with partners from industry, from quantum information theory and with software developers.
    • You have a good team spirit and like to work in an interdisciplinary and internationally oriented environment.
    • A master’s degree in physics (or related) with a background in photonics, (quantum) optics, cryptography or related areas.
    • Good English writing and presentation skills.



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