• Description:

    The International Max Planck Research School for Condensed Matter Science (IMPRS-CMS) in Stuttgart, Germany, is offering multiple fully funded doctoral researcher positions in the field of condensed matter science. The program, established in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research and the University of Stuttgart, invites applications from highly motivated candidates interested in cutting-edge research projects.

    Research Area: Condensed Matter Science, with specialization in areas such as Quantum Materials, Electronic Structure & Quantum Many-Body Theory, Nanoscience, Solid State Spectroscopy, Solid State Ionics & Batteries, Bioinspired Materials, Quantum Electronics, Organic Electronics, Ultra-Cold Atomic Gases, and more.


    •  Applicants should hold an MSc (or equivalent degree) with a strong background in physics, chemistry, mathematics, or material/computer science.
    • High level of commitment, basic knowledge of solid-state science, and proficiency in English.
    •  Outstanding BSc degree holders are eligible for a fast track PhD.

    How to Apply

     Interested candidates should submit their applications through the online application portal by the deadline of February 28, 2024. Applications must include an MSc certificate, a strong academic background in the relevant field, and a commitment to contribute to the multidisciplinary institute. For further details on the program, eligibility, and application process, visit here. For inquiries, contact the coordination office at contact@imprs-cms.mpg.de.

  • Fields

    • Chemistry

    • Computer Science

    • Material Science

    • Mathematics

    • Physics

  • Qualifications

    • Master

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