• Description:

    The Centre for Earth Observation Science invites applications for a fully-funded PhD position on the “Green Harmony” project. This research focuses on optimizing afforestation in grasslands for sustainable carbon sequestration while preserving cultural values. The project aims to enhance decision-making processes related to grassland afforestation through site assessment, remote sensing, and social science methodologies.

    The project involves a comprehensive evaluation of grassland afforestation considering physical, environmental, and cultural site sensitivities. The research aims to contribute insights into the role of grasslands and treescapes in achieving sustainable futures and healthy living. The PhD researcher will actively engage in desk and regional field-based studies.

    How to Apply:

    • Submit a CV.
    • Provide a 1250-word (max) statement outlining (a) a proposed project approach and (b) a personal experience and expertise summary.
    • Ensure academic eligibility and language proficiency.
    • Applications from Home and non-UK residents accepted.
    •  Send applications to DoctoralCollege@brighton.ac.uk.



  • Fields

    • Environmental Science

  • Qualifications

    • Master

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