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USA Universities Accepting HND Transcripts

  • By: Scholarships Cafe

Are you considering studying abroad, but worried about the financial implications of the WES evaluation? Worry no more! In this article, we've got you covered with a list of universities in the United States of America that accept HND transcripts without requiring the WES evaluation. With many Nigerian students seeking opportunities to study in the USA, finding alternatives to the costly WES evaluation can make the dream of studying abroad more achievable. Read on to discover these universities and explore the difference between unofficial and WES evaluated transcripts.

Understanding Unofficial Transcripts and WES Evaluation

Before delving into the universities that accept HND transcripts without WES evaluation, it's essential to grasp the difference between unofficial and WES evaluated transcripts. An unofficial transcript is one that has not been evaluated by WES but is uploaded directly by you on the intended university's admission portal. It is considered unofficial as long as you personally upload it, irrespective of whether it carries a "student copy" watermark or not.

On the other hand, the World Education Services (WES) is an organization that aids individuals in pursuing their educational and professional dreams worldwide. WES evaluates academic documents from over 200 countries, converting academic credentials from any country into their USA equivalents. It ensures that Nigerian students' academic certificates and credentials are recognized when applying to US institutions.

Universities in the USA Accepting HND Transcripts without WES Evaluation

Having explained the concept around WES evaluation, let us take you through the list of top colleges and universities in the United States of America that accept unofficial HND transcripts from Nigerian students without WES evaluation.

1. University of Vermont

2. The University Oklahoma

3. Illinois State University

4. University of Arizona

5. University of Cincinnati

6. Kent State University

7. Miami University, Ohio

8. University of Minnesota

9. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

10. Northern Illinois University

11. University of Connecticut

12.  Purdue University

13.  University of Kansas

14. Kansas State University

15. University of Nebraska- Omaha

16.  University of South Florida

17.  South Carolina University

18. Northern Arizona University

Universities in the USA Accepting HND Transcripts with WES Evaluation

Before evaluating your HND transcript, you may also want to determine whether your school requires WES Evaluation for your application processes. The listed below are top Universities in that require WES evaluation:

1. Fairfield University, Connecticut

2. Chicago State University, Illinois

3. Florida A&M University

4. Florida Atlantic University

5. Middle Tennessee State University

6. New Mexico State University

7. Indiana State University

8. Northeastern Illinois University, Kentucky

9. San Diego State University, California

10. South Dakota University

11. St Cloud State University, Minnesota

12. University of Central Florida

13. University of Memphis

14. North Carolina A&T University

15. Georgia Southern University

16. California State University, Channel Island

17. Minnesota State University, Mankato

18. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy

19. Oakland University, Michigan

20. Santa Clara University, California

21. Sam Houston University

22. SUNNY New Paltz, New York

23. Tennessee State University

24. University of Hartford

25. University of Louisville, Kentucky

26. University of Nevada, Las Vega

27. University if North Carolina, Greensboro

28. Roosevelt University, Chicago

29. Long Island University, New York

30. Texas A&M College Station, Texas

31. Eastern Illinois University, Charleston

32. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

33. University of New Haven, Connecticut


34. Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

35. Drexel University

36. Rutgers University

37. St John’s University, Queens New York

38. St John’s University, Texas

39. Baylor University, Texas

40. George Mason University, Virginia

41. Marquette University

42. University of Arkansas, Little Rock

43. American University, Washington

44. Queens University of Charlotte

45. Iowa State University

46. East Carolina University

47. University of Incarnate Word, Texas

48. Missouri State University

49. University of Alabama, Tuslacoosa

50. Bentley University


Understanding the difference between unofficial and WES evaluated transcripts empowers Nigerian students aspiring to study in the USA. By exploring the universities that accept unofficial HND transcripts, you can avoid the financial burden of the WES evaluation process. However, it's always prudent to check individual university admission requirements to determine if WES evaluation is necessary.

Evaluating your transcripts can open doors to admission and scholarship opportunities not only in the United States but across the globe. If you have any further inquiries or seek admission and scholarship consultation globally, feel free to reach out to us at info@scholarshipscafe.com.

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